It’s a private club, and they don’t want you as a member

Craig Hall

There’s an old saying attributed to Groucho Marx that basically says (since no one is sure of the exact wording): “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members”

Oh how I wish that were true for the 546 people in Washington, D.C., who believe they — and only they —are qualified to belong to what should be the most exclusive club on the planet: The Royal Order of Who Gets to Run Craig Hall’s Life.

Oh yeah, this goes for the elites in Denver and right here in River City as well. Because the answer will forever and always be NUNYA. The reason for my exclusivity is just as simple: What I do with my life is none of the business of government unless I violate another’s rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Period.

Just look at how the elite clubs making back room deals have messed that up over the last 250 years or so. Why else do you think our revered rulers of writing rights make up so many rights that never existed? Votes, wealth and power. And if you aren’t convinced it’s worse than ever, you haven’t paid attention the last four years and especially the last year.

We have all the natural rights described on a few pages of parchment back in 1787. The volumes of new rules and rights heaped upon this brilliant, original document crafted by our founders is the abject lesson in how the saying “rules for thee, but not for me” should be the most important adage John Q. Public would do well to keep at the forefront.

Isn’t that what this sham of becoming the only president to be impeached twice is all about for Donald Trump? It’s because he didn’t play by the rules of Washington, D,C. Then again, no one should. Satan himself would be embarrassed if he had to do the same. And let’s face it, Satan is the best at saying, “You have the right to do that.” And Satan only wishes he could conjure like Chuck, Nancy and Mitch.

What exactly is Donald Trump guilty of? In a nutshell, he’s guilty of doing what he said he would do, trying to work inside the framework of the Constitution to better the country and rescind a bunch of rules his predecessors decided were good things, but actually weren’t. He tried to run the country as intended. He just did it outside the unwritten rules of the club elite.

Here’s why Democrats hate Trump. He acts just like they do. He’s bombastic, attacks people directly when he thinks they’re wrong and will stop at nothing to get things done. It’s just what Trump wanted for America is the opposite of the true enemy domestic: the Democratic party.

Here’s why Republicans hate Trump. He acts nothing like them. He doesn’t cower, do things to be liked or worshiped in the press so he can be invited to the cool parties and actually follows through on campaign promises. The leaders and power brokers in the Republican party can have none of that.

Now you know why we have a second impeachment, not that there should have been a first one. We got the first one because Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats tried everything to get rid of the president, but to no avail. So, they found a second-hand whistle blower  — remember now, more than 1,000 first-hand whistle blowers don’t even warrant a look-see into election fraud — as the excuse to impeach even though the only real reason was Nan-Nan had the votes because Democrats always do as they’re told. We now have the second impeachment because Republicans are worried their club status is at stake given they allowed Donald Trump to Al Czervik D.C.’s version of Bushwood. And when you put these things together, you have a membership committee turning the screws on anyone who dares try to become a member based on the original charter: the Constitution of the United States of America.

Worse, this elitism spreads to our states and counties, where rulers believe they can tell businesses when they get to open, when families get to see their loved ones and when you can leave your home to live your life. This elitism knows no party. Just look at how governors from across the country continue to manipulate their proclamations and mandates about a virus  — which will do what it will do until it doesn’t — based on who got elected where. Just look at how our county continues to fall in line with the few who believe they run all free association in our lives (even though we’re Republican across the board) by distracting us with useless proclamations while not getting every business opened under the same rules (as if there should be any) and preventing people being able to seek life, liberty and happiness.

Trump’s second impeachment isn’t about Trump at all. It’s about you and me. It’s about telling the Lauren Boeberts of the world to never seek office. Office holding and making the rules are for a select few, and you and I ain’t the chosen ones.

If we don’t start choosing constitutional freedom damned quick, they’ll be right.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or