Library offers resources to learn languages

Want to learn a new language? Mesa County Libraries now offer Mango Languages, a language learning resource that’s easily accessible and downloadable on mobile and other devices.

Mango Languages features user-friendly instruction in more than 70 languages, including French, German and Spanish as well as four types of Arabic, two types of Chinese, Cherokee and Latin.

Mango Languages also offers a selection of English courses for non-English speakers.

The self-paced learning programs within Mango teach languages by using relevant dialogue that covers grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary as well as culture. Developed by expert linguists and language teachers, the programs are presented in short units that focus on specific topics and are designed to help students learn, use and remember the subject matter.

Mesa County Libraries offer Mango Languages at no charge to patrons with a library card. Mango Languages can be used online or through downloadable lessons that allow users to learn language skills while on a plane or in a foreign country.

Who can benefit from Mango Languages? Anyone who needs to learn a new language for work, school, travel or personal interest. The lessons are short, fun and encouraging to make progress easier. The lessons also focus on practical conversation, enabling learners to start using new skills almost immediately.

Mango Languages is a new addition to the large volume of online resources available from Mesa County  Libraries. A current language resource, Rosetta Stone, will no longer be accessible at the end of April.

To explore Mango Languages and set up an account through Mesa County Libraries, log on to the website located at, click eResources A-Z and scroll down to find Mango Languages in the resulting list. If it’s your first visit to the Mango Languages page, click sign up to create a new account.

Assistance is available by calling Mesa County Libraries at 243-4442 or visiting any of the eight locations throughout Mesa County.