Listings sought for annual Farm Fresh Directory

Danielle Trotta

Listings will be accepted through Feb. 15 for the Colorado Farm Fresh Directory, an annual publication promoting farmers markets, wineries and other agricultural operations in Colorado.

“Farm Fresh is a popular and helpful resource for Colorado residents and visitors,” said Danielle Trotta, business development specialist with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. “The goal of the publication is to connect consumers to local producers, farmers markets and other local goods all in one easy place.” 

The Colorado Department of Agriculture expects to distribute more than 100,000 copies of the directory in June. The directory will be distributed through chambers of commerce, extension offices, farmers markets, libraries and welcome centers. The directory also is available as a mobile application for smartphones and online at

A listing fee of $25 is charged. For more information or to request a listing form, contact Loretta Lopez at (303) 869-9175.