Measure 7A provides need funds to protect the Colorado River

To the editor:

Often referred to as the hardest working river in America, the Colorado River originates on Colorado’s Western Slope and provides water to Western Colorado families, businesses and farms and ranches.

The Colorado River and its tributaries also offer endless environmental and recreational benefits enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. The Colorado River is the economic driver for Western Colorado, and it is the foundation of the high quality of life we enjoy.

Though not widely known, the Colorado River District (CRD) provides an incredibly important service to Western Colorado. Put simply, the CRD works to protect the waters of the Colorado River for the benefit of Colorado’s Western Slope. For over 80 years, the CRD has delivered wide-ranging benefits to water interests in the 15 Western Slope counties it serves, including Mesa County.

I encourage you to join me in voting yes on 7A this election season to protect the future of our Western Slope water. Because of Colorado’s tax laws, it has been severely difficult for the CRD to raise money to protect this increasingly precious water. This nominal mill increase will cost the average West Slope homeowner $7.03 and business $7.72 per year, which will raise nearly $5 million for the CRD.

This increase in capital will help improve agricultural efficiencies, update infrastructure, maintain healthy rivers, protect water quality and ensure a reliable and efficient water system for all users.

Trout Unlimited and its local chapters across Western Colorado strongly support Measure 7A. Measure 7A will allow us to build on our past successes with the river district and provide even greater benefits to Western Colorado rivers in the future. Join me and other passionate river users in voting yes on 7A.

Ellie M. Phipps, president

Trout Unlimited Chapter 319

Grand Valley Anglers

Grand Junction