Mesa County launches road problem portal

Janet Rowland

Mesa County has launched an online portal that allows people to report damages to roads or bridges as well as drainage and traffic issues.

The Road Problem Reporter platform is user-friendly, enabling easy submission of reports, including photos and descriptions of the problems.

Mesa County Public Works will review the notifications and provide an estimated response time and updates.

“We are excited to offer the Road Problem Reporter as a new tool for the community to communicate with us,” said Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland.

“This platform will allow us to better serve the community and improve our response time to road issues that affect our residents,” Rowland said.

Mesa County Public Works developed the tool to improve communications between the county and residents. The platform is expected to reduce response times for reported issues and improve the overall efficiency of the county problem-solving process.

The new reporting tool is available on the Mesa County Public Works webpage located at

Users can access the Road Problem Reporter through desktop and mobile devices.