Mind Springs Health continues operations in midst of outbreak

Michelle Hoy

A regional mental health and addiction services provider continues to operate its psychiatric hospital in Grand Junction as well as outpatient offices despite the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The West Springs Hospital remains open for in-patient care, while Mind Springs Health offices offer services through video and telephone connections.

Michelle Hoy, executive vice president of  Mind Springs Health, said addressing mental health issues is even more important in the midst of the outbreak. “It’s a very stressful time for many of our community members who are experiencing a level of anxiety that they’ve not felt before. We want to ensure that our existing clients have access to their mental health provider while also extending services to those who may have never felt the need to reach out for mental health care until now.”

Like other hospitals, West Springs Hospital has implemented precautions in the aftermath of the outbreak. The walk-in clinic remains open, but clients are screened before entering. Visitation has been restricted to telephone visits. The Grand Junction detox facility adjacent to West Springs Hospital also remains physically open, as does the Women’s Recovery Center.

The 12 Mind Springs outpatient offices in Western Colorado have transitioned to telehealth services over computers and telephones. Those in need of mental health services can reach out to their local offices or call (844) 493-8255. Information also is available at www.mindspringshealth.org.

“When COVID-19 is behind us, we will continue to offer in-person therapy visits in our outpatient offices,” Hoy said.  “However, we imagine that many of those who begin to utilize virtual therapy will find it such a convenient way to meet with their mental health professional, they’ll continue to use telehealth or telephone therapy going forward.”