Mosquito district enlists help to fight the bite

Tim Moore
Tim Moore

The Grand River Mosquito Control District has asked residents to join in efforts to fight the bite this summer as part of an observance of National Mosquito Control Awareness Week through June 25.

Tim Moore, manager of the Grand River Mosquito Control District, said it’s important to eliminate breeding sources for mosquitoes. “Survey your own property frequently for water sources and encourage your neighbors to also eliminate sources on their property. Mosquitoes require water to complete their life cycle. If their water source is eliminated, so are their offspring.” 

Moore said problems with mosquitoes can be avoided by disposing of old tires, clearing roof gutters of debris and repairing leaking outdoor faucets. 

Water in pet dishes and bird baths should be changed frequently.

In addition to draining standing water, Moore said it’s important for people to remember the other two Ds of mosquito awareness — dress and defend.

People who are outside when mosquitoes are active should wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, Moore said. Studies have shown mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing and can bite through tight-fitting clothes.

It’s important as well to apply a mosquito repellent to clothing and bare skin, he said. Repellents with DEET, picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus have been shown to be effective.

The Grand River Mosquito Control District treats more than 2,500 private properties and 10,000 breeding sites as well as public open spaces in the Grand Valley. For more information, visit