New firm gets to foundation of customers’ problems

Stanley Stoll

Knott Laboratory, a forensic engineering firm with an office in Grand Junction, has launched a company to help customers who’ve discovered issues with their home foundations.

Foundation Pro Engineering offers structural engineering services directly to homeowners.

“For most people, their home is one of their largest investments. So dealing with foundation movement can be incredibly costly and highly stressful,” said Stanley Stoll, chief executive officer and principal engineer at Knott Laboratory. “We created this company to provide homeowners with answers, properly diagnosing their unique foundation issues so they can get the proper repairs.”

Stoll said the expansive soils found in Western Colorado can cause movement and damage to foundations. Homeowners who discover cracks or gaps in their interior walls, driveways or patios should have the situations diagnosed. Foundation Pro engineers are licensed structural engineers and experienced in identifying foundation issues in Western Colorado.

For more information or a quote, call 718-5480 or visit the website at