New Grand Junction clinic offers hormone replacement therapy

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Trey Graves

Trey Graves knows from personal experience the potential benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Graves said his mother and father receive treatments — and so does he. The results have been dramatic, he said, in improving physical vitality and mental clarity. “I just feel a whole lot better.”

Graves now makes it his business to offer hormone replacement therapy to others as president and chief executive officer of Hormone Health & Wellness of Colorado, a clinic he opened in Grand Junction.

Treatments are customized and monitored to assure proper dosages. Treatment plans are inclusive with no added fees, he said. “It’s very, very customer-centered.”

As people age, their bodies tend to produce fewer hormones, Graves said. The result includes not only menopause in women, but also can include lower energy levels and reduced sex drive in women and men as well as less mental acuity. Other symptoms can include joint pain, migraines and even heart issues. If people become sedentary as a result of low hormone levels, additional health problems can arise.

Hormone replacement therapy can address not only those symptoms, but also the root cause, he said.

Graves said he learned about hormone replacement therapy after his mother received treatments. “She was just thrilled with it.”

He said his father experienced similar results. “The change in him was pretty dramatic. Honestly, I’ve got my father back.”

Graves said he decided to try hormone replacement therapy himself to address what testing revealed was low testosterone levels. He said he soon realized he slept better, the joint pains he’d endured were gone and he had more energy. “At that point, I was sold.”

After consulting with the owner of two hormone replacement clinics in Texas, Graves said he was convinced he could combine his experience in sales and project management with the expertise of a medical staff to operate a clinic in Grand Junction.

At Hormone Health & Wellness of Colorado, Graves works with Dr. April Goggans as well as Missy Alexander, a registered nurse, and Ashlie Zimmerman, client relations manager.

Services begin with a free initial consultation to discuss health history, symptoms and treatment options, Graves said. A test is conducted to determine hormone levels and a treatment plan developed based on the results.

Hormone Health & Wellness of Colorado uses bio-identical hormones made from plants and chemically matched to what the body produces, Graves said.
Bio-identical hormones offer advantages over synthetic hormones, he said.

While other treatment options are available, Graves said one of the most simple and effective forms of hormone replacement therapy involves the use of pellets. A pellet about the size of a grain of rice is implanted under the skin. The procedure takes only a few minutes and requires only a small incision and bandage, he said. The pellets deliver a lower and steady dose over a longer period. Moreover, patients don’t have to remember to take medications.

Additional testing monitors hormone levels to maintain optimum ranges over what’s typically a three-month span between implants, he said.

Hormone Health & Wellness of Colorado offers year-long treatment plans on an inclusive basis, Graves said. One price covers testing, treatments and office visits. Health savings accounts can be used for hormone replacement therapy, and financing also is available, he said.

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t inexpensive. Health insurance usually doesn’t cover treatments.

But patients remain committed to hormone replacement therapy because of the way it makes them feel, Graves said. “The quality of life is worth it.”

Hormone Health & Wellness of Colorado is located at 1190 Bookcliff Ave., Suite 202, in Grand Junction. For more information or an appointment, call 812-5115 or visit