New TV station offers lineup of iconic programming

A new Western Colorado television station offers a lineup of some of the most iconic shows in broadcasting, including “Charlie’s Angels,” “Fantasy Island” and “Murder She Wrote.”

KGBY Television Partners in Grand Junction launched KGBY-TV. The station broadcasts on 20.1 as well as Charter cable channels 4 and 504 and Dish Satellite Network channel 6.

KGBY-TV is affiliated with the Cozi television network, a subsidiary of the National Broadcasting Co, and draws on popular programming from NBC and Universal.

“We’re excited and honored that we can serve the communities of this great region with quality programming, some of which hold strong American values. These shows represent what made television great over many decades,” said Chris McHale, president and general manager of KGBY-TV. “We have had quite a positive response from local viewers, and we look forward to adding more exciting programming in the future.”

McHale said KGBY-TV is the first full-power television station launched in Grand Junction since the early 1990s. “A new choice for the market is long overdue,” he said.