No matter where you are, there’s always two Americas

Craig Hall

I’m nearly at a loss for words. Actually, that’s the wrong way to put it because I could write a book with example after example of what my headline asserts.

And, no, this isn’t going to be the John Edwards’ version of two Americas about haves and have nots. This is more about the ins versus the outs. What you’ll get today will be some answers to — I don’t know why this old NFL film clip is stuck in my head — the famous Vince Lombardi line. “What the hell’s going on out here?”

On a national level, we have an election in which the two Americas can’t be any further apart. I simply can’t fathom how a guy who lost his previous two runs for president in his own party; picked a running mate who couldn’t draw enough interest to make it to the first primary; couldn’t draw more than 100 people to a rally for the few times he left his basement, and who never campaigned on anything specific he was going to do can beat an incumbent who had more votes cast for him than any incumbent in history with a track record of getting things done.

Unless, of course, there are two Americas. Ask the media and big tech exactly who should be in and who should be out. And one party gets to act out in any manner it sees fit to accomplish the above.

First, we have “glitches.” Well, it’s only a glitch if you believe every “glitch” works in the same way of taking votes away from the incumbent and gives them to the contender in key swing states. Good to have glitches in your favor.

Next, we have the blatant violation of the constitutional mandate giving state legislatures power to write election laws. The U.S. Supreme Court told Pennsylvania the law was clear and to sequester votes that came in after the laws written by the State Legislature. Yet, the secretary of state of Pennsylvania ignored the stay and counted the votes — 700,000 or more — anyway.

Now,  add in the power of Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter, which have consistently censored conservative voices throughout the election — and well before — while using algorithms to rig results or keep voices from being heard. Just this morning, almost all the voices on my Facebook accounts who’ve been tracking voting lawsuits have been silenced. I won’t even get into the left-wing cluster Drudge has become. A final note here is the fact these search engines and platforms are where I do my research. Headlines — which didn’t used to be an opinion — would attract my attention.
I should read this to learn more about what the hell’s going on out here. Now I either don’t see it or the results are rigged to only research one side. And it’s getting worse every day.

If you’re looking for other in groups, look no further than the NFL or NBA. Top athletes in leagues that support the latest media-controlled narratives for the in crowds can have a positive COVID-19 test and guess what? That’s right, they’re separated for five days and then back to business as usual making millions while telling us to not infect the planet by doing the right thing. If someone in my kid’s pod at her school tests positive, it’s a
14-day quarantine along with contact tracing for more quarantines for anyone within 50 feet of where she’s breathed.

This also doesn’t happen to our esteemed, all-knowing governor when he got exposed. No sir. He’s too important to be quarantined because he’s got mask mandates — hint: if they work, why is the pandemic getting worse and worse? — to extend, counties to make sure stay closed and lord knows what else should the national election fraud hold up. You and me? We’d be getting form letters from the local health department to stay home and do nothing. Two Americas indeed.

Closer to home? If you’re in business, you already know. Our county health department continues to do the bidding of our governor by limiting how many customers a business may have on its premises at any given time — unless it’s a big box store, then all are welcome. Worse, if you conform to the demands of the chamber, local paper and health department you can get a “variance” which allows you to have more people —once they finally get to you even though they lack the personnel to timely inspect all those who’ve applied. That is until they shut you down because the rating you received for passing a test on a certain day doesn’t stop an employee or customer from catching COVID-19 outside — or, let’s be honest, inside — your business on any day after. A virus only knows how to do one or two things, and none of them involves intentions.

So, you bet, there are two Americas. The America that gives special privileges to some while keeping others under the boot of government. And what is it based on? Merit, safety or freedom? Nope. It’s based on behavior, attitudes and thinking.

And in time, you, too, will be in the wrong America.