Nov. 8 open house planned to discuss lift stations

An open house has been scheduled to discuss the proposed replacement of wastewater lift stations in Grand Junction.

The open house is set for 6 p.m. Nov. 6 at the Redlands Community Center, located at 2463 Broadway. The City of Grand Junction will host the event to discuss the replacement of the Ridges and Brach’s Market lift stations with one lift station on Lake Road.

The Ridges lift station has neared the end of its useful life and is located within the high traffic right-of-way, which poses construction and operational challenges. Eliminating the nearby Brach’s Market lift station would reduce operating costs.

The proposed Lake Road lift station would provide an opportunity to extend sewer service to the Canary Lane, Connected Lakes and Red Mesa Heights neighborhoods, which are designated as sewer improvement districts.

The lift station would pump wastewater to a connecting sewer across the Colorado River that then conveys wastewater to the Persigo wastewater treatment plant on River Road.