Pinnacle Assurance issues $15 million in dividends

Pinnacol Assurance has issued a general dividend of $15 million to Colorado employers who purchase workers’ compensation insurance from the carrier.

Pinnacol Assurance has issued dividends eight years in a row, returning a total of $385 million to policyholders during that span.

Operating as a mutual insurer, Pinnacol Assurance treats its customers as owners, making them eligible for annual dividends based on the financial performance of the carrier. Dividends are also made possible by customers’ commitment to safety with timely claims reporting and investments in safety education, technology and equipment.

Pinnacol Assurance also announced changes to a multi-state coverage program that enables the company to offer workers’ compensation coverage for employees outside Colorado. The program accommodates work force trends. By one estimate, one of every three employers covered by workers’ compensation in Colorado has employees in multiple states.

The program has been enhanced to simplify underwriting and renewals as well as expand eligibility for the types of businesses covered. Pinnacol added enhanced advocacy services to support policyholders and injured workers throughout the claims process.

Pinnacol customers don’t need to be based in Colorado or even have a majority of their payroll in Colorado to participate. They only need Colorado exposure.

Pinnacol Assurance offers workers’ compensation insurance as well as tailored safety solutions and injured worker care. For additional information, visit the website located at