Pinnacol Assurance promotes safe driving during summer season

Monica Cabrera

A workers’ compensation insurer has called on Colorado employers to review and improve vehicle safety protocols heading into what’s typically a busy summer season on roadways.

“The data is clear. Motor vehicle accidents pose a significant threat to workplace safety,” said Monica Cabrera, safety learning specialist with Pinnacol Assurance. “It’s important for employers to actively engage in preventative measures, such as implementing a defensive driving program. Such programs not only educate employees on safe driving practices, but also foster a culture of safety that extends beyond the workplace.”

According to Pinnacol, motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of fatalities among workers. Injuries sustained in accidents range from sprains and strains to fractures and traumatic brain injuries. Employees in the transportation, auto service and health care industries are most at risk.

Pinnacol safety consultants stress strict adherence to seat belt use as well as strategies that minimize distractions while driving, especially cell phone use.

“When businesses prioritize employee safety on the road, they can significantly reduce the risk of accidents, ultimately saving lives and reducing financial burdens,” Cabrera said.

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