Pinnacol offers help in setting up home offices

Pinnacol Assurance offers an online video designed to help employees working remotely set up ergonomic home offices and reduce the risk of injuries.

The instructional video demonstrates how employees can adjust their chairs and workstation components. It addresses chair features and adjustments, workstation setup and positioning and desk organization.

“Employers with remote employees should be looking for any new occupational risks, and it should start with an ergonomic assessment,” said Cora Gaines, a Pinnacol safety consultant. “With so much time spent at our desks and computers, it is so important to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries — which also aims to reduce stress and increase efficiency and productivity.”

Regular remote work has become an option for more Coloradans. By one estimate, at least 70 percent of the work force will work from home at least five days a month by 2025.

Long-term remote work requires appropriate equipment and adjustment to avoid the common musculoskeletal injuries that make up a large proportion of workers’ compensation injuries for office workers. Pinnacol warns that businesses that aren’t already managing this risk could find out about injuries sustained by employees after the damage already has occurred.

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