Process continues to award cannabis licenses

The process to determine licenses for cannabis stores and co-located medical and retail outlets continues in Grand Junction.

So far, 21 applications have been approved for a randomized selection process, while 13 applications are pending and three have been denied.

“It is important to ensure the review and selection process is fair for all those who applied to participate in the selection process for a cannabis license. In order to do that, we must allow enough time for our hearing officer to schedule and conduct the hearings for all the applicants,” said Grand Junction City Clerk Amy Phillips.

The city clerk’s office received 47 applications prior to a June 8 deadline.
A group of city representatives conducted an initial review of the applications for completeness and code compliance.

Hearings are expected to continue through December and potentially into the first part of 2023. Once the hearing process is complete, a randomized selection process will be conducted to select the 10 applicants to receive a license.

Applicants receiving a license will have up to one year to open their stores.