Program assists area businesses affected by pandemic

Julie Morey

The Small Business Development Center in Grand Junction has launched a program to help small businesses in Mesa and Rio Blanco counties affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The recovery initiative will include free one-on-one consulting and online workshops.

“Most small businesses across the nation have been impacted by COVID-19, and Mesa and Rio
Blanco County businesses are no exception. This program targets the established business community and offers training and resources to increase the chances for business stabilization and recovery,” said Julie Morey, director of the Small Business Development Center in Grand Junction.

“Amid disaster and dealing with the unexpected, opportunities for innovation often arise, and this program was developed with that in mind,” Morey added.

Certified Colorado SBDC business consultants are available to meet with small business owners at no cost.

A free online workshop series will cover various topics with which small businesses could need assistance. Workshops will be conducted several times each month and address such topics as:

Bookkeeping basics and financial statements.

Workplace safety in a pandemic.

Legal concerns.

Working remotely and re-evaluating the workplace.

Mental health.

Business recovery versus opportunity.

For more information about consulting, workshops and other services offered by the Small Business Development Center in Grand Junction, visit the website located at