Pure Infusion Suites opens Grand Junction facility

Pure Infusion Suites has opened an infusion facility in Grand Junction.

Located at 2478 Patterson Road, Unit 20, the facility offers patients who need medicine infusions an alternative from hospitals and medical practices, said Trey Gardner, cofounder of Pure Infusion Suites.

The facility offer a spa-like setting with powered recliners, televisions, snacks and beverages. Private suites for each patient can be set up to accommodate individual preferences.

“The safety and wellbeing of every patient is our top priority, especially during COVID-19,” Gardner said. “Our private suites limit social interactions. Our no waiting room policy also allows for patients to come in directly from their car to their suite without any other patient interactions, which is beyond important in times like these.”

Josh Tandy, chief executive officer of Pure Healthcare, said the facility also offers savings over hospital settings. “Advances in specialty pharmaceuticals have dramatically improved the lives of people suffering from auto-immune diseases and other chronic conditions. Unfortunately, when these already costly drugs are administered in a traditional hospital setting, the total cost to the health care system can be four times greater than when that same patient receives care in a dedication infusion center like Pure Infusion suites,” Tandy said.

For more information about Pure Infusion Suites, call 822-7700 or visit www.PureInfusionSuite.com.