“Russia” isn’t only destroying Trump, its destroying the U.S. Constitution

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Now by Russia, I don’t mean Vladimir Putin’s Russia, although I’m sure he’s enjoying all the hullabaloo going on in Washington. And now, out of nowhere, New York.  No. The Russia I’m talking about is the whole Donald Trump-Russia “collusion” myth that’s prompted a never-ending investigation based on nothing that goes anywhere and everywhere in the hopes of finding something.

I know that run-on statement sounds over the top. But I can assure you it’s not. I also know this fact has been stated by many from the beginning. But to have a special prosecutor investigation, there has to be an underlying crime. You know this is a fact, because all of the sudden, folks on the left are screaming about the “underlying crime” of “campaign finance violations” in the now all-important raid at the office of Trump’s attorney.

But let’s not put the cart before the horse. Let’s go back to the whole “collusion” case against Trump. First off, collusion isn’t a crime. No one can find any statute where it is. Secondly, President Barack Obama told the American people there was no way any country could interfere with our election. Plus he told Vlad the Interferer to “cut it out.”  So there you have it. Even if Trump wanted to collude with Russia, the Russians couldn’t interfere under Obama’s watch — per Obama’s own words. And even if Putin and Russia did want to, Obama told them not to.

So, where did all the colluding come from? The imagination of the losing side Because Democrats can’t believe Hillary Clinton lost and all of the “Russia is all of the sudden the enemy rhetoric” was based on Hillary winning, they had to flip the script and project all of it on to President-elect Trump. Amazingly, the Democrats had on hand some “opposition research” that fit the bill. Oddly, it was opposition research that was never used during the campaign for several reasons.  The first being the polls indicated Hillary was going to win in a landslide, so there was no need. The second could have been because none of it was true. Third, it was gleaned from “collusion with the Russians” — it was bought and paid for by Hillary’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee.  And lastly, it was already being used by the Obama Administration to spy on Trump, his campaign and several other players that were unmasked illegally from the use of this same research that was presented in the form of a “dossier” to our FISA courts. On that last count, the Obama Administration never told the court who paid for the “dossier.”

Then Trump-winning panic set in. So it was decided the Trump collusion myth along with the dossier lies could be used to destroy a duly elected president. The rest can be predicted. Because Trump is a Republican, Democrats called for impeachment based on nothing impeachable. Spineless Republicans called for a “special prosecutor” to investigate this collusion, which all of the sudden went from a nothing burger to the greatest security risk in history. Both sides did this for one reason: They didn’t like the fact Trump won because their own power base and money train could be derailed. Yes, I also blame Republicans for this mess.

So for the next year and a half, the American people were subjected to a crony-based, Trump-hating investigation lead by career justice department leftist hacks all hell bent on destroying a man they despise. And while the investigation produced leak after worthless leak intended to make the president look bad, it never produced any actual evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Yes, it got a couple of process crimes on a few Trump associates — none of which involved the Trump campaign or aligned with any timeline of when Trump was a candidate or after he was elected — as special prosecutors are known to do. The fact is, nobody is more capable of finding a crime where there is none than a special prosecutor.

No matter how far the special prosecutor has stretched the limits of overreach in his investigation, to this day he has produced zero evidence against the president.

So where does all this wasted time, money and witch hunt land us? Stormy Daniels. Yes, a porn star. Of course, it’s the next “logical” step in using anything in this un-American fiasco. Never mind that NO ONE is ever prosecuted for “campaign finance” violations in our country — well, outside one conservative, Dinesh D’Souza by an overzealous prosecutor (sound familiar?) — and those dollars run into the millions every election, making 130 grand chump change. This charge against Trump’s lawyer includes bank fraud, which could net a guilty party 30 years or more in prison.

But this raid on Trump’s lawyer’s office wasn’t done for campaign finance violations. It was done to get every bit of Trump’s personal information to either leak it and defame the president or create or miraculously “find” another crime they can pin on a sitting president. And that, my friends, is a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights and attorney client privilege.

If they can do it to Trump, they can do it to you. Using the courts and government to destroy competitors has become a time-honored tradition in our country. And it’s destroying a great nation at the same time.