Strive for excellence in your customer service

Marcus Straub
Marcus Straub

Exceptional companies stand out in the hearts and minds of their customers by delivering high-quality services on a consistent basis.

Consider your recent experiences as a customer. Out of your last 10 experiences, how many companies stood out as exceptional? How many were mediocre? And how many were downright poor? Most likely, the majority of your experiences were mediocre, a few were poor and fewer still exceptional. 

Now, reflect on the defining qualities of your experiences. Did you feel welcomed and appreciated? Were you treated with dignity and respect? Did the product or service you purchased exceed your wants and needs? Will you buy from this company again? Did they provide a good value? Are you happy to have done business with this company? Would you, without hesitation, refer your family and friends to do business with them, too? 

In your honest answers to these and other questions lies the key to greater success. By understanding what you value most in your consumer experiences and then duplicating them in your business for your customers, your company will stand out. In turn, you’ll benefit from increased referrals and enjoy more success.

Consumers have a variety of businesses form which to choose when they’re in the market for a product or service. Moreover,  they’re increasingly discerning with their hard-earned money when it comes to satisfying their wants and needs. That makes it crucial to consistently deliver high-quality products and services.

Consistency in several key areas is vital to operating a standout business. It’s your steadfast commitment to consistency and excellence that will enable you to maintain that position over time.

A caring team: When a company hires managers and employees who care, they assemble a team of people who hold themselves personally accountable to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Conversely, when team members don’t do their best or care for customers — both in their attitudes and behaviors — customers feel that. Business reputations are damaged and revenues lost.

Effective ownership: Providing exceptional customer service on a consistent basis begins with the owners. When those who’ve brought the company into existence have integrity and endeavor to give their customers more reasons to say yes and fewer reasons to say no, the likelihood of building an extraordinary company increases.

Training and skill development: If your goal is to help your team members be their best on a consistent basis, it’s imperative to offer ongoing training and skills development in the areas of communication, customer service, leadership, listening, relationship-building and sales. Effective training will position your company to operate at the highest standards and to meet and even exceed the desires of your growing clientele. By instilling and supporting a positive mindset and helping them develop the necessary skills, your caring team members will be positioned to deliver an exceptional experience each and every time they connect with your valuable customers.

Making it right: Operating a standout company isn’t about perfection. It is, however, about the pursuit of excellence and giving your absolute best day in and day out. When you or your team drops the ball with a customer, your integrity must step in — no matter what — and make it right for the patron who makes operating your business possible in the first place. Your business can consistently deliver high-quality products and services for years. But it only takes one paltry experience for a customer to stop doing business with you and share that negative experience with countless others. It costs next to nothing to earn referrals from your customers. But it’s costly to have consumers think poorly of you and your business.

It’s the quality of each customer experience that matters most. The critical ingredients of an exceptional experience are exceptional people, exceptional products and exceptional services. Get these right on a consistent basis, and your business will always stand out as one of the greats in the hearts and minds of your customers.