The difference between woke and eyes wide open

Craig Hall

And yes. It’s a big difference. This doesn’t have to be a diatribe about all the “wokeness” going around in our lives.  

Hell, we get bombarded daily by news coverage from around our country and world, executive order after order from the unconscious puppet in the White House, from the press release accounts of the vice president doing the president’s job, from mask mandate extension after extension from our supreme ruler in Denver, from the idiocy placed on our upcoming election ballots along with all the new laws the Democrat-run politburo introduces during the legislative session, from county pronouncements and worthless proclamations about this special week and that special month, from our city council spouting pot is the new savior and going into the landlord business, to literally every Facebook post that’s either propped up onto our timelines or banned from our timelines. And I’m sure I’m missing
90 percent of the sources. 

The point is, you know what woke is by what they’re telling you and allowing you to see. And then ask you to not believe your own eyes as to how bad it is. And I can sum up why they know they can do this is one phrase: fear instilled due to Covid-19. 

I realize I’ll be called a conspiracy theorist. I prefer to believe my own eyes. 

What brought this on, you ask? Truth is, I’ve always felt this way. I realize many don’t think I actually consider the other side and just rewrite talking points. I’ll state it’s not true — albeit it to no avail. My first position on just about everything stated to me is to take the role of antagonist. That way, both sides run through my life filter. We might not agree with my take, but in no way does that make my take incorrect. 

I had professors at Colorado Mesa University who were amazed at my ability to advocate for both sides of an argument in their classes. Someone had to debate, since hardly anyone else ever spoke.
But that’s the woke generation for you. 

Back to the topic at hand — fear and why the enemies of freedom use it. 

I’ve been rereading a book my mom gave me when I was at a crossroads in life, much like I am today. Titled “As a Man Thinketh,” the book was written by James Allen, published in 1903 and filled with eternal truths about how the brain affects all aspects of our lives, including our health. I know the truths are eternal because I own a 1978 printing and the price was $1.95. That’s staying power. 

In rereading the third chapter, I came upon this little ditty: “Thoughts of fear have been known to kill a man as speedily as a bullet, and they are continually killing thousands of people just as surely though less rapidly. The people who live in fear of disease are the people who get it. Anxiety quickly demoralizes the whole body, and it lays it open to the entrance of disease; while impure thoughts, even if not physically indulged, will soon shatter the nervous system.” 

COVID-19 is real. Some people will be infected by it, while the majority will experience little to no effect on their lives from it — same as any coronavirus. Just that some coronaviruses are worse. 

The author is using the term “disease” in a broad sense as it relates to fear. Open your eyes and look at it from the actions of “leaders” related to COVID-19 and then your own observations. Because I’ll never believe with all that’s happened each one of us at some point had to say, “That’s just not right.” 

From 15 days to slow the spread to lockdowns to “essential” employees and businesses to Operation Warp Speed to no holidays with family to no funerals unless you’re a special, government employee to no church to no meeting friends to limits on the people with which you can sit within 6 feet to 5-Star programs for special businesses to mask shaming to you don’t care about others to you want to kill grandma to everything forced upon us from someone’s agenda or need for control, it’s all based in one thing. Fear. 

And, as the book says, it can only result in death. Rapidly or at a slower pace. Which is why we’re over a year in and the same folks are still promoting fear. The only answer can be in the question: What’s in all of this fear for them?                 

How else can a man like Bill Gates — who wants to dramatically depopulate the planet and thinks he can control behaviors via vaccines — become a leading investor and expert on the COVIC-19 vaccine? Why else would health departments and business advocacy groups come up with special rules for acquiescing businesses to follow to stay open above others struggling to make it? Why are counties proud of giving back rights they should have been on the front lines defending them from being taken?  

Because they will use fear again to take our freedoms.

Keep your eyes open.