Therapy practice, fitness center offer services under one roof

Chris Bremner
Chris Bremner
Meredith Bremner
Meredith Bremner

A physical therapy practice and fitness facility in Grand Junction offer services under one roof to not only treat injuries, but also prevent them.

Direct Access Physical Therapy and FIT Grand Junction are located at 2482 Patterson Road.

Meredith Bremner operates Direct Access Physical Therapy and also serves as a consultant to FIT Grand Junction.

Her husband, Chris Bremner, owns FIT Grand Junction and coaches there.

Meredith Bremner offers a range of services to evaluate and treat injuries and conditions as well as help patients recover from surgery. Those include functional movement disorders as well as cardiopulmonary,  musculoskeletal and neuromuscular disorders.

She holds a doctoral degree in physical therapy from the University of Colorado Medical School in Denver. She worked at Children’s Hospital sports medicine rehabilitation and at Craig Hospital to treat patients with spinal cord and brain injuries. In addition, she competed nationally and internationally in downhill and Nordic ski racing and road cycling.

FIT Grand Junction offers personal training and a variety of group fitness classes promoting balance, intensity, mobility and stability. The FIT class combines weightlifting, cardio and a bit of boot camp into one workout.

Patients and members receive instruction in proper movement, correcting improper movements and dealing with painful movements.

People can access services and facilities as a patient at Direct Access Physical Therapy, a member of FIT Grand Junction or both. Members of FIT Grand Junction receive discounts for assessments and treatments at Direct Access Physical Therapy.

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