U.S. Rep. Tipton correct to oppose fiscal cliff deal

Dear Editor:

As expected, there are those who are critical of Congressman Scott Tipton’s vote against the Senate bill (actually it is more accurate to call it a “deal”) that some claimed would avert the so-called fiscal cliff. Those same critics would have us believe that Tipton actually wants to see a recession and a government shutdown. That’s absolute nonsense!

U.S. Rep. Tipton voted exactly the way he told his constituents he would vote if he were called upon to raise taxes absent some unforeseen and compelling reason. Moreover, the Senate package did nothing whatsoever to address the bigger problem — a need for meaningful spending reform.

Along with most of his House colleagues, Tipton is correctly bent on cutting wasteful spending in Washington. Those who think the House of Representatives is doing nothing are uninformed.  For example, the Republican-led House has passed two budgets in the 1,350 plus days since the Democrat-controlled Senate last passed a budget.  However, President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats won’t act on the House budgets, presumably to protect special interest spending and government waste that would otherwise be cut by Republicans.

It’s ironic how Democrats continue to warn that Tipton and other conservatives are somehow a threat to Medicare and Social Security.  The truth is these conservatives realize those programs face bankruptcy if Washington doesn’t do something now to curb wasteful spending.

We in the Third Congressional District should be relieved to know Rep. Tipton didn’t give his stamp of approval to the so-called fiscal cliff “deal” that tap danced completely around the obvious culprit of the problem … irresponsible government spending. Nor, by the way, did he go along with the part of the “deal” that punishes small businesspeople with higher taxes, job reductions and a plan that crushes economic growth. Tipton is making good on his promises to fight against higher taxes and stop the spending frenzy. We need more of his kind in Washington.

T. Michael Holmes

Grand Junction