Value-based health care offers better outcomes at lower costs

by Monument Health

Chances are, you’ll hear more about value-based health care as the term gains popularity in the days and weeks ahead. Better still, you’ll probably receive value-based care right here in the Grand Valley.

Hospitals, primary care providers and specialists across the valley are committed to providing value-based care. Monument Health, a clinically integrated health care network in Western Colorado, has been a proud catalyst for its growth and delivery. That’s because value-based care leads to healthier individuals, and healthier individuals lead to healthier communities. That means fewer acute care and unnecessary emergency room visits, less waste in the health care system overall and, in turn, more affordable care for patients.

What is value-based care? Value-based care is simply this: an agreement that rewards providers when they do a good job caring for their patients. Providers are no longer paid for the number of patients they see — a situation that could leave patients feeling rushed and unheard or, worse, sitting in a waiting room for hours because providers are overscheduled to meet their daily quotas. Rather, value-based care incentivizes the health care system to help patients live healthier lives and reduce the effects of chronic disease. Value-based care is evidence-based. Providers must prove they meet the positive health outcomes for their patients by using data.

Value-based health care requires collaboration.  Monument Health provides the framework for this collaboration by bringing together hospitals, providers, specialists and insurers to improve communication, reduce redundant and unnecessary procedures and, ultimately, provide better, more comprehensive care.

Value-based care looks at the whole person. When it’s done well, value-based care incorporates population health management. More commonly and certainly catchier, population health management also is referred to as “pop health.” From helping individuals manage diabetes, offering smoking cessation classes or teaching children how to set fitness goals and make healthy snacks to reduce childhood obesity, pop health goes one step beyond value-based care by offering preventive solutions.

Through its team of wellness warriors, Monument Health works with employer groups like Hilltop Community Resources to teach pop health to employees to help them live their healthiest lives. Monument Health provides classes teaching employees where to go for care — from the most expensive to the most affordable.

Because collaborative, comprehensive care for patients is part of the goal in value-based care, benefits abound for providers, employers and hospitals to pursue this new way of doing business.

Behavioral health specialists — also referred to as mental health specialists — are available to help patients during their routine health checkups to identify and treat any mental health conditions before they worsen.

Often there are less acute care cases because patients are healthier. There are shorter hospital stays and fewer visits to the emergency room, the most expensive stop for routine care. These factors amount to more efficient spending, less waste in the health care system and savings to providers, employers and patients.

The benefits of value-based care paired with pop health for the patient are self-evident.  This model of doing business is warm, personable and helps people live their best lives. By providing whole-person, integrated care and teaching real life skills focused on prevention and better health,  patients experience the immediate value of value-based care.

Whole-person, valued-based health care leads to healthier people and, ultimately, healthier communities.

Monument Health will continue to serve as a catalyst for this type of health care in Western Colorado because this approach embraces collaboration, education, prevention and — thanks to integration — high-quality services at lower costs.

And lower costs offer a welcome breath of fresh air when it comes to quality health care.

Monument Health is a clinically integrated health care network established in Western Colorado in 2016 to deliver more comprehensive, integrated care to its members. Monument Health guarantees access to a primary care provider. Its team of wellness warriors are available to answer your questions at (970) 683-5630. For more information, visit