West Slope medical center expands operations

Margie Joy

Pioneers Medical Center in Meeker will soon open a facility offering orthopedic services and serving patients from not only Western Colorado, but also other areas.

The orthopedic and specialty center is scheduled to open July 8. The 11,000-square-foot facility includes two operating rooms, three recovery rooms, six inpatient hospital rooms and a clinical space.

“This project is a big deal not just for Meeker, but the entire region,” said Margie Joy, chief communications officer at Pioneers Medical Center.

“In addition to serving Coloradans, we have patients traveling from the East Coast, California and Texas for treatment,” Joy said. “We partner with fellowship-trained physicians who offer a wide variety of orthopedic services, providing patients with exceptional personal care.”

In addition to knee and hip joint replacement and revisions, Colorado Advanced Orthopedics offers hand, shoulder, spine and upper extremities care as well as sports medicine.

In 2019, Pioneers Medical Center started offering the Mako System combining a robotic arm and computer software for pre-surgical planning as well as guidance during knee and hip replacement procedures. The Mako System uses imaging of a joint before surgery to create a three-dimensional model. This enables surgeons to more accurately determine implant size, orientation and alignment based on the unique anatomy of each patient. During the procedure, the system guides the surgeon.

“A phenomenon is occurring, and I think it is gaining momentum in small town Colorado,” Joy said. “Our fellowship-trained doctors love meeting and visiting with their patients, and the clinic and nursing staff take a personal interest in each patient.  This makes for a dream team and great patient outcomes.”

Construction of and equipment for the expansion totaled $7 million. But the purchase of upgraded technology, including a wide bore magnetic resonance imaging machine, pushed the total investment in the expansion to more than $12 million.

The expansion also plays a role in the Meeker economy, Joy said. “This development enables us to add approximately 15 more permanent, full and part-time jobs. Our orthopedic patients help stimulate the local economy, as most are accompanied by their families who utilize our hotels, dine and shop locally.”

For more information about Pioneers Medical Center and Colorado Advanced Orthopedics, log on to the website located at www.pioneershospital.org.