West Slope residents named to byways commission

Three Western Colorado residents have been named to the Scenic and Historic Byways Commission.

Ilana Moir, director of conservation at the Colorado West Land Trust based in Grand Junction, was reappointed to the commission. She serves as a representative of land trusts and open space. State. Rep. Matt Soper, a Republican from Delta, was appointed to serve as a representative of the State Legislature. Kelli Hepler of Delta also was appointed as an at-large member.

The commission works with state and federal agencies as well as byways organizations to assist in the development of byways management plans and coordinates the allocation of funding for byways improvements.

Linda Taylor of Grand Junction was appointed to the Statewide Independent Living Council. Taylor serves on the council as a director or representative of a center for independent living.

The council works with Colorado Rehabilitation Services to plan independent living programs in the state.