West Star Aviation installs Starlink systems

Allen McReynolds

West Star Aviation has completed several Starlink installations to provide high-speed internet services aboard aircraft.

“Starlink installations are in high demand, and many operators are even opting to put their aircraft down for a standalone installation,” said Allen McReynolds, chief operating officer of West Star Aviation. “We are utilizing our resources to make sure our customers will be covered for their installations with or without additional maintenance or modification.”

West Star Aviation offers Starlink installations at its facility at Grand Junction Regional Airport as well as its other full-service locations and several satellite facilities. Lasers transmit data throughout the Starlink constellation to provide internet coverage around the world, including flights over oceans and polar regions.

In addition to its operations at Grand Junction Regional Airport, West Star operates facilities in Denver as well as Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee and Texas. The company has been voted the top maintenance, repair and overhaul provider nine times in an annual survey conducted for Professional Pilot Magazine. For more information, visit www.weststaraviation.com or call (800) 922-2421.