Workplace wellness programs help get businesses in shape

Paula Reece

Workplace wellness isn’t a new concept but has moved to the forefront of the minds of many business owners and managers.

As health care costs rise and the economy remains challenging, owners and managers evaluate all the costs related to their No. 1 asset — their employees.

Fitness offers numerous benefits not only for employees, but also employers. Fit employees are less likely to become sick, which in turn reduces health care costs and absenteeism.

Fit employees also are more likely to possess the energy that enables them to remain focused at work as well as a higher level of self-confidence that inspires confidence in those around them. Employees who know how to set fitness goals and stay motivated to exercise will be goal-oriented at work, too. Lives with good attitudes and less stress offer benefits as well.

Employers want their employees to enjoy work and bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. Encouraging employees to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice pays off in numerous ways.

How does an employer go about starting a company wellness program?

Start by looking for a program that offers more than just a gym membership. Employees come in all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. A wellness program should takes this into consideration. Employees should feel comfortable, not intimidated. They need a place to go where someone can help them set goals and exercise — to create a road map for success.

In addition, a wellness program should offer education. It’s not only learning about wellness at work and in the gym, but also applying that education at home. This will help create lifestyle changes.

The Crossroads Fitness workplace wellness program not only encourages participation, but also rewards it.  Membership dues are less when an employee works out at least eight times a month. We’ve found if employees commit to at least eight visits a month, exercise becomes part of their routines. Our unique “Getting Started Program” helps launch new members into their individual fitness routines through orientation, group fitness classes, a free 30-minute personal training session and graduation gift to get them on their way.   

Offered to companies with as few as five employees, the discounted membership and numerous amenities included in this program makes the value to employers significant. Employers that have joined in this program have seen amazing results. Their employees are not only healthier, but also happier.

One thing we value at Crossroads Fitness is time. We want to help people set and achieve their individual fitness goals, believing that if they’re given encouragement and optimism, they will succeed.