Alpine Bank builds on history of community contributions

Alpine Bank promotes the fact that it’s owned and operated in Colorado — and sets an example by contributing to communities where bank branches are located.

J. Robert Young, founder and chairman of Alpine Bank, has been recognized as Colorado’s Outstanding Philanthropist and soon will be inducted into the Colorado Business Hall of Fame in large part because of his philanthropic efforts.

In a report on the Alpine Bank website, Young said he originally adopted his policies of giving back to the community because he thought it would be good for the bottom line. He said he since has realized: “It isn’t good for the bottom line; it is the bottom line.”

Since Young founded Alpine Bank in 1973, hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have benefited from support from Young and the bank. Efforts have focused on community events, the arts, sports and particularly children and education.

The website explains the importance of volunteerism within the company culture: “Every day, our employees provide their time and talents for efforts that are important to their local communities. Some read to children, others help build Habitat for Humanity houses, some donate blood or participate in walk-a-thons. In fact, each employee is provided with 24 hours of paid volunteer time each year.

That means as a corporation, we have the potential to devote over 14,000 hours per year helping improve the lives of individuals in our communities. We are proud of the many employees who generously donate so much of their time in support of charitable, civic and professional organizations.”

In Grand Junction, President Norm Franke helped make Alpine Bank the major sponsor of the annual Junior College Baseball World Series played in late May and early June. The tournament features 10 teams from across the country that compete at Suplizio Field in a tradition that pumps dollars into the local economy.

Across Colorado, Alpine is perhaps best known for its Pay for A’s program. The bank encourages students to bring copies of their quarterly report cards to Alpine locations. The bank draws winning cards from the entries and awards $10 for each A and $5 for each B on a card.