Picking stocks requires disciplined approach

Could I teach you how to buy a stock in seven paragraphs, really? No. But I can briefly describe what I look for in selecting stocks for our portfolios. It’s not the only way to buy stocks, but it’s what we do. We’re looking for “undervalued” stocks — who isn’t? For us, a stock’s intrinsic […]

Markets signal economic expansion maturing

The stock and bond markets have been moving in different directions for the past several months. This divergence could offer a clue we’re entering the late stages of an economic recovery. The correlation between stocks and bonds isn’t a foolproof signal of where we are in the cycle, but it’s possible to make some generalizations. […]

Five rules for measuring portfolio performance

A new year offer a time to reflect on the past year, but evaluating investment performance can be complicated.  What questions should investors ask of their investment managers? A systematic evaluation clears up the misperception that it doesn’t matter how they invest the money. Money might not be earning what it should, particularly for the […]