Should you pay off your home before you retire?

            Before you make any extra mortgage payments, consider some factors. Should you own your home free and clear before you retire? At first glance, the answer would seem to be “absolutely, if at all possible.” Retiring with less debt—isn’t that a good thing? Why not make a few extra […]

Double-check your estate-planning checklist

Estate planning is a task that people tend to put off, however, those who leave this world without their financial affairs in order risk leaving their heirs some significant problems. Here are some suggestions to consider this year.     Create a will. A solid will drafted with the guidance of an estate planning attorney costs […]

The top 10 reasons not to plan for retirement

You probably read or hear about some “Top Ten” list nearly every day. But take a moment to read this one. This list is different, and probably not the kind of list you’d expect a Financial Advisor to write.    Reason #10: “I’m too busy” I can’t tell you how often I hear this excuse. […]

Underpublicized 2012 tax changes & reminders

Every year, the IRS institutes big and little changes – and some don’t get as much notice as they should. Here is a rundown of some of alterations and asterisks affecting taxpayers this year.     Don’t forget Form 8949. If you are reporting capital gains or losses for 2011, you must file this new form […]