Mesa County jobless rate spikes

Phil Castle, The Business Times The monthly unemployment rate has spiked to one its highest levels ever in Mesa County as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions play out in the labor market. The low number of positive coronavirus cases and efforts to reopen businesses in the county offer encouragement, though, the […]

Coronavirus guidelines frustrate fun park owner

Phil Castle, The Business Times Chris Burns remains committed to ensuring the safety of the guests at his Grand Junction fun park. But he’s also frustrated over what he considers the unfair application of rules intended to slow the spread of coronavirus. While Burns closed the arcade at Bananas Fun Park to follow state guidelines, […]

As clients seek security, financial firm gets busy

Phil Castle, The Business Times While Ron Harrison uses various metrics to track the performance of his financial services firm, he considers one metric more significant than the others. “We’ve been able to help more people. That’s the most important thing,” said Harrison, executive vice president of Five Rings Financial. In fact, Harrison said his […]

Metaphorically speaking, a kiss is more than a kiss

I once worked for a weekly agricultural journal in Oregon. Along with cows and plows, I occasionally covered the State Legislature. I used to joke — and, to be honest, also complain  —  the boredom of covering long committee hearings was interrupted only by the tedium. The exception was covering a House committee chaired by […]

Businesses reopening under local pandemic guidelines

Phil Castle, The Business Times Mesa County businesses have begun to reopen under local guidelines intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but also allow for additional operations. Jeff Kuhr, the executive director of Mesa County Public Health, encouraged business owners and managers to familiarize themselves and their staffs with the guidelines as they […]

Mesa County real estate sales slow

Phil Castle, The Business Times Real estate sales have slowed in Mesa County as the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions begin to show up in monthly statistics. While some restrictions have lifted, it could be months before sales rebound. “I don’t think we’ve seen the end of the decline,” said Robert Bray, […]

Drop in Colorado business filings heralds economic downturn

Phil Castle, The Business Times A downturn in new business filings in Colorado during the first quarter heralds a downturn in the state economy caused the coronavirus, officials say. The extent and length of downturn will depend on the spread of the virus; how quickly businesses reopen and whether or not people will feel comfortable […]