Better by design: Firm furnishes services along with products

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Dave Huerkamp

Dave Huerkamp attributes the success of ProSpace Interiors to a number of factors, among them the selection of quality furnishings, professional installations and a commitment to customer service.

But if he were to pick out just one factor, it would be the design services the Western Colorado company also furnishes. “It’s all about the talents of the great designers I’ve got on my staff,” says Huerkamp, who oversees sales and marketing at ProSpace. “I like to say we’re better by design.”

ProSpace employs four space planners and designers — one at the company’s facility in Delta, two at a showroom in downtown Grand Junction and another who works remotely on the Front Range.

That’s a large number for a small firm, Huerkamp says. But it’s made an outsized difference.

Last year — the 50th for a company launched in 1969 — was one of the best years for ProSpace, he says. His expectations for 2020 are no less great despite the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

ProSpace has long served what Huerkamp describes as a core area in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. But the company handles projects across Colorado, a growing number of them on the Front Range. ProSpace has expanded in another way in the markets it serves. The firm sells furnishings not only for offices, but also health care, educational and other settings.

“We don’t wait for business to come to us. We go out and find business,” he says.

In the Grand Valley, ProSpace has provided furnishings for St. Mary’s Medical Center, Community Hospital and Mind Springs facilities. That includes the West Springs psychiatric hospital and newly opened Women’s Recovery Center.

ProSpace Interiors also worked with HopeWest in furnishing the Bacon Center for Living Your Best in Grand Junction.

Christy Whitney, president and chief executive officer of HopeWest, praises the efforts of the design team. “Their creativity and resourcefulness helped us keep within our budget and carry through with the physically designed space renovation,” Whitney says. “The final result was truly amazing and pulled the whole space together.”

At Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, ProSpace has worked on a series of renovation and new construction projects there for nearly a decade. That includes the renovation of Houston Hall, the Tomlinson Library and health sciences building as well as the construction of an engineering building and hotel.

Suzanne Ellinwood, purchasing manager for CMU, says ProSpace not only supplies furniture that withstands the rigors of an academic environment, but also provides design and space planning as well as professional installation.

“Dave’s team consistently has delivered responsive follow through on every aspect of a project, starting with furniture recommendation, design and space planning, monitoring delivery progress with their manufacturers to ensure receipt of product on time at the agreed upon delivery dates,” Ellinwood says.

Kate Avery, an interior designer and space planners with ProSpace, worked as lead designer on many of the CMU projects.

Maria Jorgensen, another interior designer and space planner at ProSpace, was involved with yet another project at CMU to create an arena for practices and competitions for the electronic sports team. Constructed as part of the renovation of Rotary Hall, the arena accommodates gaming stations for the team as well as seating for casual gamers and spectators.

Avery and Taryn Andrey, another interior designer and space planner at ProSpace, say they work off floor plans or measure the space to develop two-dimensional plans. They also create three-dimensional computer renderings that show what completed projects will look like.

They say they also work with customers on selecting the brands and models of furniture as well as fabrics and colors that coordinate with the paint, carpeting and finishes in the space.

Arthur Mendez works for ProSpace as a space planner and product specifier. He’s also certified as an office ergonomics evaluator.

Huerkamp says the designers draw on their experience in helping clients select the right products and materials for specific settings and uses.

ProSpace employs its own staff of professionals to install furniture and clean the location, Huerkamp says. “We really cover everything from start to finish. And we vacuum our way out of the building.”

It’s part of a commitment to service that customers value, he says. “We really deliver on it.”

Looking ahead, Huerkamp says he’s optimistic about the continued growth of ProSpace as it expands into different geographic areas and market sectors.

While quality furniture, professional installations and customer service will continue to drive growth. so will the design services the company offers, he says. “We’re better by design.”

ProSpace Interiors operates locations at 634 Main St. in Grand Junction and 50 Heinz St. in Delta. For more information, call 242-7575 or log on to