Better mobile website just three steps away

Erika Jones
Erika Jones

Creating a mobile website constitutes a challenge within itself. Creating a mobile website Google loves is even harder.  

You first must understand and harness the power of mobile. With 53 percent of American consumers using their smartphones to access search engines at least once a day and 95 percent of those searches for local business, the power of mobile is huge. Understand that your customers are on the go all the time.

Is your brand on the go? You might think you’re in the clear with a mobile responsive site — meaning your desktop site will adjust to the screen size on which  the end user views your website.  Having a responsive site is OK, but not the optimal result you want.  Responsive has become popular with many wordpress sites and is common. But how people search on mobile is different than how they search on a desktop. The other problem with responsive is you’re slamming all the information from a large desktop site into a small bandwidth and small screen so the load time will be slow and sometimes won’t work at all.

Mobile compatible is having a separate mobile site for your business with mobile friendly everything. Pictures, forms, videos and even text should all be made with mobile in mind. Having a mobile redirect is important, too. Google wants the end user to have a good experience, so it crawls for sites that have mobile meta tags, mobile keywords and a fast mobile site. The search giant will also show you sites according to proximity, so having your map on your mobile site is huge. Having your business listed correctly on Google is another one, but that’s for another column.

Here are three things you can do to create a mobile website Google loves:

Create right now a sub-domain of This is your mobile redirect and will allow people to see your specific mobile site.

Research how people search for your industry on the go. Keep in mind when people search for you, is it while they’re doing research for a large purchase or they just need some quick information about a price, location or hours? What if they are just looking for a coupon or special? Should you use those keywords? More than likely, you know how your customers search for you and what they’re looking for when they come to you. Do you solve some kind of problem for them? What is it? Use that in your keywords and meta information.

Find a reputable company if you aren’t comfortable yourself and get a mobile site built ASAP. The revolution isn’t coming, it’s already here. There are a lot of mobile website builders out there, but few have the capability of doing everything you need. Most offer a watered down version of your existing site. You need something with full HTML5 and social integration, click to call and tap to map. That’s what your customers want, why deny them?

Joining the mobile party isn’t scary, it’s exciting. What’s scary is not joining because of fear, time or my favorite — money. Can you afford not to?

If you’re a  business owner, just put your head on your pillow every night thinking about 53 percent and 95 percent. That’s the percentage of the market you’re missing. That should help you sleep.