Business offers trenchless sewer line repairs

Phil Castle
Phil Castle

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Fred Shurtleff knows there’s more than one way to fix broken sewer pipes.

There’s the traditional method, which means digging up a broken pipe and replacing it with a new pipe.

But there’s also a trenchless method in which a pipe bursting head and new piping is pulled through the old line. Only two holes are needed — one at each end of the pipe.

In addition, it’s also possible to repair sewer pipes by installing an epoxy lining inside them.

Shurtleff offers both trenchless methods through Pro Rooter, a business he operates in Grand Junction. Moreover, Shurtleff said he can offer his services for less than other companies. “We’re very competitive.”

Businesses and homeowners can encounter a number of problems with sewer pipes, especially older pipes, Shurtleff said. Ground movement can cause cracked and broken pipes. Roots frequently intrude into pipes and clog them.

The best way to repair or replace sewer pipes depends on where the pipes are located, Shurtleff said, Pipes in a yard, for example, could be unburied and replaced.

Frequently, though, sewer pipes run through areas that aren’t as readily accessible — under landscaping, houses, concrete slabs or driveways, for example.

The better alternative to digging up sewer pipe, Shurtleff said, is often to use the trenchless methods to replace or repair it.

A mechanism called an undertaker assembly pulls a cable through the pipe. Attached to the cable is a pipe bursting head  and attached to that new high-density polyethylene pipe. The process simultaneously breaks the old pipe while installing the new pipe.

A pipe lining offers yet another alternative, Shurtleff said.

After inspecting and cleaning the inside of pipes, an epoxy soaked liner is pulled into place. A bladder inside the liner is inflated to hold the liner in place until the epoxy cures. The process creates a pipe within a pipe with no leaks or cracks.

In addition to drain cleaning and trenchless sewer pipe replacements, Pro Rooter also offers sewer line inspections as part of the inspection process prospective homebuyers order before closing on a purchase, Shurtleff said. Such inspections can detect potentially serious and costly problems with sewer lines, he said.

Pro Rooter is available for calls every day and around the clock with no additional charge for work after hours or on weekends, Shurtleff said.

For additional information about Pro Rooter, call 243-3004.