Center offers new approach to pain relief

Dr. Monty Langston serves as medical director of Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists and a new pain management center in Grand Junction that offers a range of programs, therapies and treatments in one facility. (Business Times photos by Phil Castle)

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Dr. Monty Langston has been frustrated in the past in helping his patients manage pain. The various components of treatment were like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle that were difficult and time-consuming to assemble, much less monitor for their effectiveness.

That’s why Langston is so excited about a newly opened pain management center in Grand Junction that brings together a wide range of therapies and treatments as well as exercise programs and counseling under one roof.

“The best results for the patient comes from a multiple-disciplinary approach,” said Langston, medical director of Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists.

While even the best treatments and technology can’t eliminate pain, they can help people return to work, participate in sports and regain their quality of life, Langston said. “That is a very reasonable goal.”

Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists opened in early November in a new, 10,000 square-foot building in the Corner Square development at First Street and Patterson Road.

The center is the first of its kind in Western Colorado,  Langston said, in offering so many different kinds of services in one location. “This has not existed in Grand Junction until now.”

In addition to minimally invasive procedures to manage pain, the center offers physical therapy and rehabilitation as well as acupuncture and therapeutic massage. Nutrition and weight control counseling also is available, as are Nia, Pilates and yoga programs.

Roger Miller, a licensed clinical psychologist, will help patients with the emotional and psychological aspects of chronic pain management, which can include anger, depression and feelings of helplessness.

Langston brings to the center his training and experience in anesthesia and interventional pain medicine. He earned his medical degree from the University of Colorado and completed his anesthesia residency and fellowship in interventional pain management at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Langston said research as well as his own experiences have demonstrated that it takes different approaches, most often used in conjunction, to effectively manage pain. “The sum of the integrated approach is much greater than the individual pieces.”

The difficulty in the past was coordinating that kind of care with the various health care providers, making sure patients actually received the various treatments and therapies and then monitoring the results, he said.

Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists bring those pieces together in what’s essentially a one-stop shop for pain management, Langston added. “It’s so much easier to coordinate in one building and one program.”

Effective pain management is all the more important given the scope of the problem, Langston said. Pain is the most common symptom that prompts people to seek medical care. And nearly everyone will face health problems that include pain at some point in their lives, he added.

Back pain and other types of pain keep people from performing their best on the job or prevents them from working at all, Langston said. And that affects the overall productivity of the businesses that employ them.

Pain also keeps people from enjoying sports and other physical activities, whether they’re athletes or simply casual participants, he said.

Even more significantly, pain can prevent people from functioning normally and enjoying their lives, he added.

Even the latest technology and most advanced techniques can’t eliminate pain in every patient. But it’s possible to make pain more tolerable and to improve function, Langston said.

While Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists has operated the new center for less than a month, Langston said the facility has been well received by patients as well as physicians.

 And plans already are in place to extend services to smaller communities in the region in collaborating with physicians in those communities or eventually opening satellite clinics.

For now, though, Langston said he’s excited about the potential for the Grand Junction center to help his patients manage pain.

Colorado Injury + Pain Specialists operates its pain management center at 201 W. Park Drive in Grand Junction. The center welcomes physician referrals as well as direct inquiries.

For more information, call 242-0162 or log on to the website located at