Changing weather can change minds about property management

Dale Beede
Dale Beede

Just when you think summer will go on forever, a cold wave from Alaska hits and it’s “welcome to winter.”

Have you tried to hire a roofer or plumber lately? With the heavy fall rains in the Grand Valley and recent bone-chilling temperatures, leaky roofs, frozen pipes, water breaks and furnaces that won’t run are everywhere. Perhaps it’s too late to warn property owners winter will soon be upon us, but welcome to the world of real estate property management.

It’s also a time the asphalt plant will soon close and parking lot potholes will have to be filled with gravel until springtime.  Snow removal companies are lining up customers quickly. And don’t forget to winterize those swamp coolers — evaporative coolers for those who aren’t as challenged by the English language as I am. If you have concrete that must be poured prior to winter, there could be a few warm days coming up. But that would require counting on the cooperation of Mother Nature.

If you own commercial or multi-family rental properties, this can be the time of year that requires getting to the office at 6:30 or 7 a.m., making a pot of coffee and then heading out to see that the walks are cleaned, the heat systems are operating correctly and trash is being picked up at the properties you own.

In addition, there are elevator inspections, fire system inspections and back flow preventer inspections to deal with on a regular basis.  Add in the myriad other responsibilities of owning rental properties, and it’s enough to test one’s sanity and reconsider that ownership.

Perhaps it’s time to consider property management. Imagine having someone who not only knows how to do all the work, but also knows how to direct a team of professionals in doing the work on your property in the same manner. That’s right, a property manager that’s the epitome of the owner’s representative.

Having a property management team available that stays conscientious to your needs and to the needs of your tenants can save you time and money in ways you might not have thought about.  Professional property management takes the worry off your shoulders.

So, here’s the pitch. If you’re just plain tired of overseeing your commercial real estate or multi-family property, you might want to consider your options. You might sell the property, although we’re still in a fairly soft market for doing so. Or you might may want to give a property management company a call and see just how little it will cost you to have the time to take that extended vacation this winter. Either way, winter is coming and it’s a great time to get to know a quality property manager.