Choices for senior housing abound

Krystle McAllister
Krystle McAllister

Finding the right rental property for seniors can seem a daunting task, especially when considering the varying needs involved.

Fortunately, Web sites offer a place to start the search and consider the options, including the Web site located at

Assisted senior living facilities offer  a range of services, from included meals and house cleaning to laundry service, pet care and transportation. Facilities also offer varying degrees of medical assistance, such as an escort to medical appointments and errand assistant to pick up prescriptions and other medical items. Educational and enrichment events are also a consideration, with many properties offering such activities as bingo, bonfires, inspirational speakers, musical concerts, raffles and more.

Some facilities offer only some assistance, such as light cleaning, included meals and activities. Other facilities offer all levels of service, including services that meet the needs of those with disabilities or who could be at risk of a fall.

Be sure to ask about the allowance of loved ones’ service animals. The American with Disabilities Act offers specific rights regarding these companions.

Since health and wellness remains a concern, facilities offer meals based on nutritional needs and most have several menus available. Exercise is also offered in most facilities in the form of  biking, hiking, water aerobics, yoga, water and more.

Affordable rentals on a fixed income can be difficult to come by, so interested parties should also check out such programs as Aid to the Needy and Disabled/Blind, the Colorado Supplement Program, Home Care Allowance, Old Age Pension, Medicaid benefits and low-income Medicare benefits offered through Mesa County. Additional information is available online at the Web site at The Veterans Administration offers financial options for veterans.

Seniors that require little assistance, but seek an affordable rental also should reach out to the Grand Junction Housing Authority, which could have subsidized housing options available. Log on to,

With so many options available, finding perfect homes for seniors is not only possible, but also likely.