Cleaning solution: Firm adds virus disinfection to services

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Vicky Thurlow

Vicky Thurlow runs a cleaning business of sorts, a specialized one that handles everything from the cluttered messes of hoarders to the tragic aftermath of crimes and suicides. Add to the list of services disinfection in the midst of a pandemic.

As offices, stores and other businesses reopen following a shutdown to slow the spread of the coronavirus, those services are in demand, says Thurlow, owner and lead technician of Bio-One Western Slope in Grand Junction.

Those services are also important in assuring safety as well as peace of mind, she says.

While each job is unique, Thurlow says the goal for her and her team remains the same, and that’s to serve their customers. “We’re so happy we can help them.”

Thurlow launched the local franchise of Bio-One about four years ago. The Colorado-based company has expanded over the past decade to locations across the country.

Thurlow says she wasn’t looking at the time for a business opportunity. Rather, she says the opportunity came looking for her in a recommendation from a friend who’s also a business broker and thought the franchise offered a good fit.

Thurlow brings to the venture her experience in running a health club as well as working as a life coach.

The common denominator, Thurlow says, is working with people and her desire to help them.

At Bio-One Western Slope, the staff is trained and certified to clean up biohazards and toxic chemicals as well as use the protective equipment required to keep safe. The company serves a geographic area that covers the Western Slope and extends into Eastern Utah.

As a crime and trauma scene cleaning service, the company is called in to clean up after crimes, Thurlow says. That can include everything from murders to domestic violence to confrontations in which tear gas was used. The company also is certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to decontaminate locations used as clandestine labs to make methamphetamines or fentanyl as well as illegal marijuana growing operations.

Bio-One Western Slope also helps individuals and families in cleaning the clutter and dealing with the health hazards associated with hoarding.

One of the most difficult — yet also important — services the company provides is dealing with the aftermath of a suicide, Thurlow says. Those services require not only following protocols to clean up potentially dangerous biohazards, but also offering compassion and sensitivity to grieving family members. In those situations, Thurlow says she makes it a point to complete services first and arrange for payment later. “That doesn’t get discussed.”

The outbreak of the coronavirus added to the demand for decontamination services, Thurlow says.

Bio-One Western Slope follows federal standards and uses medical and food-grade disinfectants in cleaning businesses and homes. The company can apply a fog that doesn’t have to be wiped off afterwards.

Thurlow says training, certifications and the use of appropriate chemicals differentiates Bio-One Western Slope from other companies.

Thurlow says business owners and managers should be proactive in cleaning and decontaminating their facilities to protect employees and customers. It’s a matter of not only safety, but also peace of mind.

For more information about Bio-One Western Slope, call 260-0609 or visit the website at