Co-owner likes response to new direct mail venture

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Bob Rubin said he’s been pleasantly surprised by the response he’s received so far to a marketing venture he’s helping to launch in the Grand Valley.

“It’s been much better than I anticipated. Everybody is listening. Everybody is talking to me,” said Rubin, co-owner of Coupon Madness Magazine.

Rubin has joined with Steve Rockwell to launch a publication that will offer clients a venue through which to reach more than 20,000 Grand Valley homes with direct mail advertising.

The initial issue should be in homes by March 13, Rubin said. Subsequent issues will be mailed every eight weeks — perhaps more often depending on advertising demand.

Rubin relocated to the Grand Valley late last year to live closer to his daughter, a freshman at Colorado Mesa University. He initially planned to offer a Western Colorado edition of the coupon magazine for which he sold advertising in New York.

After meeting Rockwell, however, Rubin said the two decided to start their own company. Rubin said his partner brings business management experience to the operation to go along with his passion for sales. “It’s a real smart balance.”

Rubin said he and Rockwell worked with American Direct Mail Services based in Grand Junction to fine-tune a mailing list of likely homes to working families.

Rubin said he’s focusing his sales efforts on restaurants and what he described as a “vibrant” segment of the local economy. “There’s enormous changes going on, changes in ownership, new businesses. I believe that’s reflecting a confidence in the market.”

At the same time, though, the publication also will feature coupons, discounts and other incentives from home, personal and professional services businesses, Rubin said.

He’s also promoting a buy local approach, including the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Blue Band Wagon campaign. 

Direct mail and coupons offer businesses an opportunity to connect with new and existing customers in a way in which they can easily track return on investment, Rubin said. “Those businesses that can do it, they reap the benefits.”

While direct mail can be a costly proposition for a business to take on individually, a collective approach with the magazine offers the benefits of direct mail marketing for a fraction of a penny per household, he added.