Collaboration fosters hope for kids

Jill Derrieux
Jill Derrieux

Webster’s online dictionary defines collaboration as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. We’re fortunate to live in Mesa County, where collaboration helps youth in need.

The most recent example of this kind of collaborative effort involves the Mesa County Department of Human Services, Court Appointed Special Advocates of Mesa County and Mesa County Partners.  These youth services providers offer different resources, but all share a common goal to help children. 

Why is collaboration needed? In these uncertain times of government funding, we need to rely on each other to make sure the needs of at-risk youth are met.

Fostering Hope is the name of this effort established to enable youth to access resources to help them through difficult times.

Specifically, these children often come from abusive homes and live in fear. Fostering Hope offers a way to get more community members involved in protecting our children.

By joining efforts in marketing, recruiting and training, Fostering Hope is able reach more children and more people and hopefully keep a tragedy from occurring in our community.

Our hope is to attract people who want to help, but aren’t sure about where to start or at what level to become involved.

CASA helps children through the court process, Partners provides mentoring and the Mesa County Department of Human Services provides services for child protection and foster care.

Depending on how you want to help, your time commitment can vary from as little as three hours a week for mentoring to as much as around-the-clock foster care.