Comments keep coming in on government services story

Comments continue to come in on the cover story about government services that appears in the Jan. 27 to Feb. 9 issue of the Business Times.

Here are some additional insights from Grand Junction Mayor Teresa Coons and City Manager Laurie Kadrich.

“Where I differ from some of the other council members is that I see a role in government providing recreational opportunities,” Coons said. “I don’t see our support for the Avalon Theater as being any different than supporting sports.”

Coons said the city helps finance operations at Suplizio Field and Stocker Stadium in addition to operating the Avalon Theater downtown.

Grand Junction City Council members Gregg Palmer and Tom Kenyon both oppose city operation of the theater.

Coons said she endorses city financial support for the arts as well as for public golf courses. “I’m sure some of your readers would be upset if the city stopped supporting public golf courses,” she said.

Kadrich said the city will collect tax from the sales of items at the Pinon Grill at Tiara Rado Golf Couse while the city operates the grill on an interim basis.

Kadrich said former grill operator Steve Hoefer underpaid the city in sales taxes collected during several months last year. The city council voted to search for another private vendor to succeed Hoefer. In the meantime, city staff at Two Rivers Convention Center will run the grill when the golf course reopens.

The dispute over operation of the grill led the Business Times and others to examine whether or not the city should operate all the facilities that it’s currently charged with managing.