Commercial real estate affords success story

Theresa Englbrecht
Theresa Englbrecht

Nine years ago I made a life-changing decision. I wasn’t fulfilled working in the engineering profession and was afforded an opportunity to begin another career in commercial real estate. I was invited to join what at that time was the newly formed Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties in Grand Junction and a team comprised of Dale Beede as managing broker and Jim Garber, Jerry Bruck and Marlayne Turner as commercial real estate brokers.

I didn’t fully realize until years later how incredibly fortunate I was to have the interaction and support of those four professionals. They provided me with a background and a backbone for this business. 

Dale, an expert in negotiations and contracts, helped me understand a nearly endless amount of knowledge is required to be effective in commercial real estate and that education is ongoing. Dale gave me the break then and the personal mentoring, as he still does.

Jim gave me an “ask questions and question everyone” attitude. He was a stickler for real estate regulations and ethics. Jerry gave me the edge of being as detailed and precise in all things as possible. His advice to “cover your tracks and your butt” has saved many troublesome transactions. It was Jerry’s connections that led me to acknowledge financial institutions are businesses, too.

Marlayne was my personal trainer and introduced me to this business. She taught me this industry can have style, flair and fashion. She also told me to remain involved in the commercial real estate business community and to continue to accumulate knowledge and information. She taught me to be polished, confident and, mostly, a good listener. “Your clients want to be heard,” she told me. So I listen carefully to all my clients.

There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t reflect and draw upon the education and guidance provided by those four professionals. The best recognition I can give to those four was that I was ranked the top commercial broker in Colorado for Coldwell Banker Commercial in 2012 and continue to be successful in client satisfaction and attaining recognition within my brokerage and local commercial real estate industry.

With all but one of the above mentioned four core brokers retired from real estate, I now find myself now in a senior role. I have to ask myself: What can I do to influence and help others? How can I give back?

A recent incident in my office reminded me to slow down and consider what’s real and necessary on all levels. There’s no replacement for education and experience, but mentorship and support from professionals for each person is also required for a successful career in any field. One of the most important lessons learned: When working within a small group of professionals, it’s imperative to retain individualism but also acknowledge we function best as a team. It’s impossible to get all of the associated work for any given transaction done by yourself. We must rely on each other for support and involvement to attain complete service. I understand and appreciate the fact that giving back in team involvement and mentoring is a key element for continued success.

So thank you Dale and all the now and then team members at Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties for the opportunity given and success enjoyed.