Company touts “future proof” fiber network

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Stuart Howerter

Stuart Howerter touts the benefits of a high-speed broadband network built to not only meet the needs of businesses now, but also accommodate whatever they might need for years to come.

“It’s future proof,” said Howerter, vice president of business and market development for Unite Private Networks.

The company installed a fiber-based network in the Grand Valley to initially connect 45 sites in the Mesa County School District 51.

The company since has expanded the network to 140 route miles extending from Palisade to Loma to also serve a variety of businesses and organizations.

Stephen Fullerton

Stephen Fullerton has joined Unite Private Networks as an account director to further grow the Grand Valley market. Fullerton said he’s excited about what the network offers existing businesses as well as the added attraction for new businesses considering relocating to the area. “This is going to bring businesses here.”

Headquartered in the Kansas City, Mo., area, Unite Private Network has expanded over its 21-year history to serve a total of more than 300 communities in 21 states. The company operates more than 8,500 route miles of fiber-based networks, including about 600 route miles in Colorado.

Unite Private Networks was contracted to install a fiber optic network for School District 51, but subsequently has expanded the network to also serve such customers as banks, hospitals, hotels and real estate offices, Fullerton said. Those customers include Hilltop Community Resources and Rocky Mountain Wireline Services.

The network offers speeds of 10 gigabits per second that’s scalable to 100 gbps, Howerter said. That’s sufficient capacity to not only meet current demands, but also keep pace with technological advances, he said.

Unite Private Networks also offers reliability, an important attribute for businesses increasingly dependent on internet connectivity for operations and sales, Howerter said.

Fullerton put it this way: “It’s connectivity that they can count on.”

In addition, Unite Private Networks provides a range of related services to meet the needs of its customers. Service technicians are available to quickly resolve problems, Howerter said. “It’s not just about the pipe. It’s about the service itself.”

Fullerton said his role affords a local contact. “I’m big on the local see, feel, touch.”

Unite Private Networks typically enters into long-term agreements with customers. Those agreements have been in place on average 9 years, Howerter said.

In the Grand Valley, there’s an effort underway to inform potential customers about the speed and other benefits available from using a fiber network and what businesses could accomplish, Howerter said. “You don’t know what you have until you have it.”

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