Do you see problems or gifts in your business?

In every business there are situations that can be perceived as problems, challenges, opportunities and even gifts. The choice you make in your perception of situations as they present themselves to you will affect how you handle them.

If I were to put four boxes on a table, each beautifully wrapped, and explained that the first box contained a “problem,” the second a “challenge” the third an “opportunity” and the fourth a “gift,” which would you choose to open first? Most people would choose to open the box with the gift first. These same people would also open the box with the problem last.


The reason is simple. The majority of people would rather avoid a problem and eagerly embrace a gift. We don’t want problems because they’re perceived as unpleasant interruptions to our lives. Gifts, on the other hand, are exciting and typically bring something into our lives that’s pleasant and fun. Problems aren’t usually perceived as enjoyable.

It’s our avoidance of, and negative attitude about, “problems” that must be overcome if we’re to create greater happiness and success on a consistent basis. The key to this lies in changing your perception of reality.

As the business owner and leader of your company, it’s imperative you choose to perceive every circumstance that faces your organization in the most positive way you can. A powerful first step is to be grateful for the fact you have a business. From there, choose to be grateful for the very situation you face, what it will teach you and for the fact you’re alive and capable of effectively working through it.

A grateful mindset works wonders in helping us gain a positive perspective of whatever we face.

The next step is to put down the “problem” concept in your own mind. Instead, adopt a new perspective where what you have in front of you is viewed merely as a situation to be effectively handled. This simple, yet powerful, choice decreases your tendency to react with avoidance, procrastination, disappointment, frustration and even anger. With this new perspective, you’ll be able to address each situation in a timely manner, with greater effectiveness and less suffering.

Another powerful attribute to cultivate is a solution-based mindset. This will allow you to embrace situations as they arise and immediately work toward effective solutions. Remember: When we perceive something as a “problem,” we begin to avoid it. This doesn’t create the necessary solution as this choice only prolongs discomfort and delays the inevitable. Until a solution is created, the problem persists. There’s a solution to every situation you’ll ever face in business as long as you’re willing to look for one and to implement it.

With your strong example of gratitude and solution-based mindset, in time your team members will follow your lead. They, too, will take on a more positive perspective of the situations they face and will go after solutions more and more on their own and with greater confidence. Your business will endure fewer interruptions, the environment will become more positive, your team will grow stronger and more happiness and success will be available to all.

The businesses with which I work are continually astounded by the power of this approach. Once it has been learned and applied on a consistent basis, the overall operations of the company change for the better. When you and your team put down “problems,” you’ll experience an abundance of energy, increased motivation and a strong desire to create solutions with the gifts you’ve been given. This, in turn, leads to higher production, more efficiency, greater satisfaction for everyone and increased personal and professional results.

As you become more grateful and continue to grow a more powerful mindset about the reality of doing business, you’ll come to see fewer problems and more gifts. As you practice this approach and gain strength, over time you can move from situations to be effectively dealt with toward challenges to be faced and then on to opportunities to be embraced. Ultimately, everything you face will be seen as a gift to be received.