Entrepreneur launches video editing startup

Phil Castle,The Business Times

Bill Baird
Bill Baird

A Grand Junction man has launched a technology startup company offering what he bills as the easiest-to-use online video editing software in the world.

Bill Baird is president, chief executive officer and founder of Loopster.

His Web site, located at www.loopster.com, offers free online software that allows users to edit raw video footage and post that footage on Facebook, You Tube and other sites.

Given the growing number of people who post video content on the Internet, Baird expects Loopster.com to become a popular site. “I would think so.”

Taping his education and experience in computer information systems management, Baird has worked nearly two years to develop his idea.

The video editing software offered on Loopster.com offers several advantages over other software, Baird said, starting with the fact it’s free to use. Moreover, users don’t have to download the software onto their computers. That means users can access their accounts and use the software from computers anywhere in the world.

Best of all, the software is easy to use, Baird said. “It’s really simple to use.” A tutorial on the Web site helps users get started.

A wide variety of free sound effects are available on the Web site. It’s also easy to turn photographs into video slideshows, he said.

Users are encouraged to post their edited videos on the site as well as share raw footage that can be incorporated into other videos.

Baird said he remains committed to offering his video editing software for free, but also expects to develop revenue streams for his company over the next three to six months.

One possibility, he said, could be the development and sale of a version of the software for professional use.