Entrepreneur returns to roots in helping clients use software

Phil Castle
Phil Castle

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Larry Wilkinson has been helping small business owners and managers install and use computerized accounting systems for as long as there have been personal computers and accounting software.

The technology has changed considerably over the past three decades with better and faster computers and improved software, Wilkinson said. 

What hasn’t changed much, he said, is the fear: fear of computers, fear of change and fear of the unknown.

While Wilkinson long has offered accounting and tax preparation services, the Grand Junction entrepreneur hopes to return to his roots in helping small businesses install and use QuickBooks accounting software. “I want to help small businesses with training and support and installing QuickBooks.”

Wilkinson operates Elite Accounting, a Grand Junction business that offers a range of services. He brings to the venture his more than 30 years of experience as well as certification as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and income tax professional.

Following military service, Wilkinson earned a degree from the University of California Los Angeles.

He said he first became involved in computers and computerized accounting software in the early 1980s with the introduction of personal computers and accounting software. 

For sold turnkey systems that included computers and software as well as training and support. His clients included accounting firms as well as small and large businesses that had been doing bookkeeping by hand in an inefficient process. He said his clients discovered they could save money by using computerized accounting.

Wilkinson moved from California to Colorado in the early 1990s, first to Cedaredge and then the Grand Valley, and has continued to operate his own businesses.

Wilkinson now works with QuickBooks, the small business accounting software that commands the majority of the market. 

Wilkinson said he strives to help clients install and use QuickBooks to its full potential. “I want them to use it to the best of their ability.” 

Additional training helps them get even more out of the software as their businesses grow, he said.

Wilkinson said he tailors his services to clients and their needs, offering competitive rates and packages for a certain number of hours. “I try to fit myself in as an alternative to the high-priced trainer.”

Some clients have made money by hiring him, Wilkinson said, especially when the work uncovers receivables a business owner was unaware existed.

Wilkinson offers a money back guarantee. “I guarantee it. If I don’t do what I say, I don’t charge.”

While computers and computerized accounting have changed a lot over the past three decades, Wilkinson said his goal has remained the same in helping business owners and managers overcome their fears and use accounting software to improve their operations. “That’s what I want to do.”

 For more information about available services from Elite Accounting, call 201-2028 or send an e-mail to Elite_Acctg@Juno.com.