Firm one-stop shop for offline and online marketing services

Phil Castle, The Business Times

Michael Brickell operates a sort of one-stop shop offering a wide range of advertising and marketing services.

Brickell handles traditional print, radio and television advertising. But he also handles what he considers an increasingly important component of marketing with Web site development and search engine optimization.

By working with vendors that offer the best rates, Brickell said he can pass the savings on to his customers.

Brickell serves as both a marketing and Web site specialist and chief executive officer of Affordable Marketing and Technology Services (AMATS). Brickell operates his company out of Montrose, but serves clients on a national level, he said.

Brickell long has worked in marketing and advertising and in 1999 launched a business called All Media Consulting. He subsequently became involved in Web site development and search engine optimization, the process of making Web sites and Web pages turn up higher in the results of online searches using Google or other search engines.

In launching AMATS earlier this year, Brickell offers both offline and online marketing services.

In working with new clients, Brickell said he prefers to go through an in-depth diagnostic process to find out more about a business and its customers as well as what a business owner or manager hopes to achieve. From there, Brickell said he works with clients to develop marketing strategies that fit their needs and budgets.

Brickell said he matches his clients with the appropriate vendors and then monitors the work to make sure its done correctly.

Developing effective marketing strategies has become increasingly challenging as various marketing venues have become increasingly fragmented, Brickell said.

In addition to print, radio and television, there are Web sites and smart phones to consider, he said.

The use of Google and other search engines to find information online has made search engine optimization important on both national and local levels, Brickell said.

Meanwhile, businesses also must pay attention to their online reputations and the kinds of reviews that are posted about them, he added.

It’s an increasingly complicated process, Brickell said, but also a rewarding one in helping clients.

“We want to deal with folks who are truly interested in growing their businesses.”

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