Hiring? Workforce center offers help with that

Celina Kimberger
Celina Kimberger

Recruiting quality candidates, selecting the right person and training new hires is such a time consuming and costly process. It’s a part of running a business that owners and managers have to go through, although hopefully not too often. Fortunately, the Mesa County Workforce Center in Grand Junction offers services to help businesses save time and money.

The first step in filling a vacancy is to advertise the job opening in a way that attracts qualified applicants. If you simply advertise as far and wide as possible, you well could end up with hundreds of applications to sort through — but many won’t offer what you’re looking for, and that takes up a lot of time. When you post your job opening through employment services at the workforce center, your posting will be entered into a statewide database. You also have the option to post the opening yourself online. A search through the database will follow for qualified applicants who’ll receive notifications inviting them to apply for the job. The posting also will be available online so applicants can self-refer if they meet minimum qualifications.

The next step in the hiring process is collecting and screening applications. Some employers like to see every application that comes through because they know what they’re looking for. They can do that when posting job openings through the workforce center because they specify how applicants apply. If you’d prefer to have your applications screened to save you time, employment specialists are available to do that.

Another option would be to hold a custom hiring event for your company. With this option, the job is posted as well as advertised on social media, directing applicants to apply by attending the event. This gives employers an opportunity to interview many candidates in a short period of time.

Once you’ve collected and screened your applications, the interview process begins. This is where you get to meet the people behind the paper and narrow down the candidates in which you’re interested. Even if you’re impressed by a candidate’s application and interview, it still can be difficult to determine if an individual actually has the skills they say they do and if they could really do the job. A recommended next step to ensure you select the right person would be to have your top candidates take assessments of their knowledge and skills. The workforce center offers hundreds of assessments and can help you select those most relevant to your position. Results are sent to the company immediately after a candidate completes them.

The final step is hiring and training your new employee. A cost savings approach is to work with the career development program at the workforce center prior to hiring. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act funds are available to reimburse 50 percent to 75 percent of an eligible new hire’s wages. This really helps employers save money during the training period when your new employee is still learning and not yet producing for the company.

The Mesa County Workforce Center offers a wide variety of ways to help businesses save time and money. In addition to the services I’ve already described, we also offer an internship program in which we pay the wages for someone to gain experience at your business. We also offer job profiling, which reduces turnover by identifying skill levels needed for current and prospective employees.

As our mission statement says, we’re here to partner with employers for the betterment of our community. So all our services are offered at no cost. Remember the workforce center the next time you need to fill a vacancy to see how we can tailor our services to meet your needs.