If you tell it, they will come …

Erika Jones
Erika Jones

How do I drive more traffic to my website or blog?

It seems as though about 70 percent of my clients have asked me this question. This makes me wonder whether or not I’m effectively communicating an important message: If you build it, you have to tell someone about it.

It’s not enough to simply build something, whether it’s a website, blog, mobile application or new service or product. If you haven’t told anyone about it, nobody’s going to use it or buy it.

Is there a myth or perception out there that once you’ve put something on the Internet, it will miraculously attract traffic, make the top listings on Google and everyone will know about it and love it?

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, if you’re new, Google could care less about you. One does not simply get to the top of Google searches. It takes time, work, time, content, time, a search engine optimization strategy and time. By the way, did I mention time?

Traffic to your website or blog is great. But the right traffic is even better. If you just want traffic, use some link farms and spend days and nights commenting on other blogs with your links to get traffic. If you want quality traffic to your website, then promoting and advertising it in places where your target market spends time is the way to go. That takes time and content.  

It took almost six months for our website and blog to show up for the top search terms upon which we focused. That took constant measuring of our keywords and consistent blogging.

Oh yes, we also told people about it. We got traffic, lots of traffic, just by telling people that visiting our website and blog is the best way to learn about us and contact us. We put everything on our website so everyone had to go there to learn about us. When we conducted presentations and offered them to attendees, guess where they had to go to download them? Our website that includes our blog.

Here are three things you can do right now to drive more traffic to your website or blog: 

Focus on quality content. Provide content that’s quick and easy to read, easy to print and download and something your target audience cares about.

Remain patient. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. A mentor I greatly respect once asked me, “Why are you concerned about what shoes you’re wearing to a marathon when you haven’t even gotten dressed or stretched?” Thanks Robert Caruso! I love that. You can’t expect to win a marathon when you’ve never run a day in your life. Get your stuff together and make it around the block before you worry about what place you’re in. 

Forget the “Field of Dreams” theory. No one is coming just because you build it. But if you tell it, they will come. Talk about it to people, post about it on your social networks, include your blog information on your business card, share your blog with people by e-mail and ask for feedback. All it takes is one person, one time to share your blog to the right group of people and, boom, you have a steady group of followers, fans and advocates who actually care about what you have to say.  

Do these three things right now and two things will happen. You won’t stress out so much. And you might actually enjoy writing content and talking to people about it.